Photo Session Rates and Details

Actor Headshots Sessions

Session fee due at the time of the session:  Check or Cash Only at this time.   All session fees include: Reproductive image license, digital download link, and wardrobe consultation on arrival. *outdoor limited to Franklin ,TN without a travel fee.  Name added to headshot 15.00.  Additional edited images are $20.

Professional makeup artist & hair touch up 75.00 on availability.


30 minute session
1 look
3 retouched images
Studio or *Outdoor


1.5 hour session
3-4 looks
6 retouched images
Studio and *Outdoor

Business Headshots

Studio 129.00                Your Office 199.00

Session fee due at the time of the session.   This includes an 30 minute session and up to 2 looks.  Session fee includes 3 edited final images.  Additional edited images are $20.  Your session fee includes your reproduction license and will come by digital download.

Website Photography 150-up

Website photography can be of models or products.  Product photography can be taken at the business or in my home studio.  Number of photos required is needed for a quote submission.

Have wardrobe options. For a full photoshoot, bring 4-6 outfits and plan to shoot in at least 2-3 that reflect your age and character type. Here are some clothing tips:

  • Solid Colors and Textured Clothing (denim, lace, leather) look wonderful on-camera. Avoid busy patterns (polka-dots, contrasting stripes, or prints), because they will distract from your face.
  • Layers, bring them! Jackets, vests, scarves, and sweaters really add to the dynamics of your shoot.
  • Bring Variations of Necklines and make sure they lay well (v neck, crew neck, button, downs, collars, tanks, etc).  Come in your top choice.  Whatever you choose, make sure the colors bring out your eyes.
Hair: Keep simple hairstyles that are age appropriate and are easy to create in a minute’s notice. If you wear your hair curly on a daily basis, keep it curly for your headshots so that casting directors will recognize you when you walk into the audition. After all, you might not have time to straighten your hair before an audition!  If you want curly and straight hair shots.  Please book the 1.5 shoot to accommodate for time.

Makeup needs to be very even.  Uneven, mottled patterns show up in high definition photography.  Use enough makeup to create an even natural look. Makeup must match face/neck skin tones.

  • Liquid foundation: matte finish is best.  Please bring setting powder and makeup box for touch-ups if doing makeup yourself.
  • Lips:  1 Notch darker toward red & bring gloss if you want a fuller look.
  • Eyes: Wax eyebrows a few days in advance, fill brows – but not heavy, dark-full mascara-avoid false lashes, eye shadow depends on look desired.
  • Blush: 1 step darker than everyday wear
  • Men:  I suggest buying a translucent powder for lighter skin tones.

 Photography makeup is an art to itself and I highly suggest using my make-up artist Miranda Knott.  She is a professional commercial makeup artist and will keep your make-up according to the look you’re trying to accomplish and to industry standards.  Must schedule in advance and upon availability.  

  1. Mentally Prepare. Approach your headshot session as you would any character or script study. Photographs, like film and television, tell a story. Trigger the emotional vibe you are going for.
  2. Rest the Night Before. When you are tired, it’s harder to focus, and you’ll be wondering if you look tired during the session. Because of this, your energy and personality won’t be accurate
  3. Be on Time To Your Session. When you are late to meet with someone, you are basically telling the person that your time is more important. It’s a photographer’s job to see and pull out the best in you, so this isn’t the initial impression you want them to have of you. There is always traffic, construction, and parking issues. Give yourself a buffer and leave 15 minutes earlier than you normally would. Call at least 15 minutes before your session if you might be late.
  4. Don’t Become a Statue. Headshots are meant to tell a story about you and your personality. Remember to breathe and look away from the lens every few shots to help you authentically reconnect. You don’t want to look like you are a deer caught in headlights in your headshot. If you are nervous, acknowledge it. Nervousness is a human emotion, and like all emotions, repressing won’t serve you. A great photograph will have a sense of movement. Discuss your character desire with Mindy so you feel more connected.  She’s an actor/director too.
  5. Be Open About Your Needs and Expectations before and during the photoshoot. You will be happier. Mindy will be happier. You won’t be wasting your already busy schedule with expensive reshoots. The entertainment business is way too competitive to have marketing tools you aren’t confident about. If you are unhappy at your photo session, it will read on your face while you are taking pictures. It is really important to respectfully acknowledge what would make a successful headshot session for you during the photo session. Mindy wants you to be happy and spread the word about a great job. Ask her to see the photos on the viewfinder so you can make any needed adjustments.
Simple Retouched Proofs will be ready within 4 days.  Once you have chosen your headshots, final retouched images will be done within 48 hours.  A link to your high definition images will be emailed to you to download.

Prints:  For online prints, I suggest Mpix for higher end prints.  For local, I suggest Costco (they are actually pretty good quality).  A word to the wise:  Avoid drugstore printing facilities and anyone who won’t print a matte finish.  Casting directors do NOT want a glossy finish.


45 minute session
2 looks
5 retouched images
Studio or *Outdoor