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Mrs. Hoover’s Short Teaching Bio

Mrs. Hoover has over 16 years of teaching experience in private voice, piano and flute lesson instruction and general music & choral teaching in the public school sector.  Mrs. Hoover received her B.A in Vocal Music from Henderson State University  in 2004 with double minors in education and theater.  Her music emphasis was in musical theater, jazz and opera.  She has held license and taught in Texas and presently holds a Tennessee professional license.  Mrs. Hoover has sung of various praise teams, and has been in various vocal groups and is a master at harmony.  She has a passion for teaching correct vocal technique and preparing students for auditions from local theater to college/professional auditions.

Mrs. Hoover’s Lessons Offered

Vocal lessons:

Individually designed for each student with the students ability and goals in mind. Students are all given classical training in technique, which can be transferred to Commercial or Musical Theater genres. These lessons are about giving you control over your voice through perfecting those techniques. Voice lessons are 1 hour and will cover:  Projection/ Correctly Supported Belting, Breathing & Muscle Control,  and Resonance/Tone.  The performer will then receive:  Performance Coaching, Sight Reading/Ear Training, Vocal Competition and Audition Training.


Different Voice Lessons Offered:

    • Classical Vocal Training 
      • Ongoing lessons than can start as early as age 8
    • Musical Theater Training
      • Ongoing lessons that can start as early as age 6
    • Music College Prep 
      • Recommended for 7th grade through Senior Year.
      • Minimum recommendation is starting Freshman Year of High School.
      • Covers a wide range of literature from musical theater, opera, art songs, and competition pieces.
      • ACDA, Governor’s School, and All State Literature Prep
      • Covers Audition Prep as well.
    • Overcoming Bad Vocal Habits 
      • This is covered in all voice lessons offered but this is aimed primarily at vocal health.
      • Can be addressed in as little as one month to a year depending on the student’s connection mentally and physically.
    • Overall Vocal Improvement 
      • These lessons can be for any genre of music and any age level starting at age 7.
      • Lesson are tailored to the desired genre and goal.

Piano lessons:

Piano lessons can start as young as Kindergarten and Intro to the piano can start as early as age 4. Finding the appropriate age to start music lessons depends on the maturity and attention span of each child.  If your child can sit alone and study their homework for thirty minutes straight, then they are more than ready to start lessons. Lessons are given on a Rowland 100 weighted keyboard with petal.  I use the Faber and Faber book series as the basis for my instruction with many fillers depending on the musical needs and interests of the child.



51AyeMtczaL._SX258_BO1204203200_Students that are K-1st grade start out with Faber’s “My First Piano Adventures” Series.  It concentrates on creating fun while teaching general music memorization and becoming comfortable with the piano.


51G5qPE-8eL._SY344_BO1204203200_-225x300Students that are Going into 2nd grade and strong reading skills start with the Faber Piano Adventures.  Students are required to purchase three books per level:  Lesson, Performance & Theory.  Students that want more in depth study can pick up the Technique & Artistry Book as well.  After year one of piano, students will also learn how to read chord charts and how chords work in music. Faber & Faber has a great line of supplementary books to accompany the Alfred Premier Series of books.  Students are encouraged to pick out one book per level with whichever music interest they have.  It’s important for students to engage in music that they truly enjoy.

Music theory:

Music theory is taught in vocal and keyboard lessons, but can also be taken as a course all it’s own for deeper study.  This lesson will completely prepare you for high school AP music theory or College freshman theory.  This will also cover a basics in piano for practical application. Alfred’s Complete Essentials of Music Theory is used for these lessons as well as a composition manuscript notebook.


Types of Music Theory Lessons:

  • Music College Prep
  • AP Theory Prep
  • Music Writing Skills
  • Music Arranging
  • Eartraining/Sightreading

Homeschool Lessons/Tutoring:

Homeschoolers are able to take advantage of morning lesson times between 8:00am-12:00pm where there is a discount offered to those students. Homeschool lessons are in your home.


Tuesdays in Spring Hill     &     Wednesdays in Franklin


Types of homeschool tutoring in:

  • Tutorial sessions in voice
  • Piano lessons
  • Voice lessons
  • Flute lessons
  • Music writing/Theory lessons
  • Group lessons in voice

Group voice lessons can be arranged with a group of students of similar age with typically four to eight students for one hour.  It will cover everything in a normal voice lesson but will also teach harmony which will result in a more hands on ear training.

Mrs. Hoover is available to come in and work with students in Home School Tutorials in a small group voice setting.  The price is depending on distance, how many days per month, months of instruction,  and number of students in a class.

30 minutes lessons

  • $10 travel fee

1 hour lessons

  • $10 travel fee

30 min Homeschool

  • $10 travel fee

Why Choose Mrs. Mindy

  • Over 16 years of experience
  • Is highly aware of the physical developmental process of the voice and what it can handle
  • Never lets a child develop vocal belt until vocally mature.
  • Pedegoy background ensures that she understand the child’s developmental phases and personalities.
  • Teaches ear training to be more than just a singer or player but a musician
  • Teaches to read by note and chord
  • Teaches refresher lessons in the summer so you don’t get behind

What Client’s Say

My son wasn’t even interested in music and only into sports until taking one of her classes. Then he asked to take piano from her as well. He became enthusiastic about music through her classes.
Karen H , Parent
Alecia L, Parent
Our daughter was five when she started piano and learned to play after only a few months. Mindy was very patient with her and even spent extra time when she needed. Now our daughter is six, is playing the piano, and looks forward to every lesson!
Paula M, Parent